Liverpool Oratoria in the Madeline Paris

I went to France with Orchestra last week on the 09/06/2016. I went to Paris for a few days afterwards. I could only manage my small compact camera to carry because I had my flute and piccolo with me. I stayed in a city called Anthony to until the Monday then I went to my flat in Paris.

I really enjoyed playing my flute at the Madeline it was a stunning location to play in. I managed to get the odd picture there but was concentrating on the performance. There was a 2nd performance in france was at Ullis and I was helping out percussion but I enjoyed it very much. here are my pictures of the week some I have edited.

My only free day when I was with Orchestra was Friday and we went to a chateaux in Anthony called Hauts-de-Seine. On Monday when I got to Paris I was tired so my mum and I went for a walk to the trocadero and went to the Maritime Museum and the exhibition about fishing. I brought my mum a nice glass of wine in my favorite cafe. On Tuesday I wanted to catch the Bateau Bus but the seine was flowing quite strongly so My mum and I went for a nice walk around Paris instead.On Wednesday we caught the Eurostar back to England. Here are some photos which I took over last week. Some seem to be in the wrong order...

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