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Cambridge Camera Club 48hr Competition

Saturday I was darting around Gt. Chesterford looking for inspiration for a Cambridge Camera Club competition the subjects were somewhat challenging:

1) Simplicity - 17: It is certainly simple and a great idea. The cloud itself is not too interesting and a polariser or adjustment in post-processing may have added a little more 'punch' to the image.

2) Headlines - 15: A significant headline of the day (well,maybe the day before) and one that will go down in history. The newscaster on the right third forms a good balance with the headline on the left. A competent shot but not as original as some others.

3) Unwinding - 15: Sleep, whether animal or human, suggests unwinding or tiredness. This dog looks relaxed. Maybe its eyes are partly open and it's trying to ignore the world around it. Good colours and fills the image area well though there appears to be a cage-like shadow across the dog. Is this why it looks relaxed - it has no choice? (slightly wrong cage door was wide open)

4) Tempus Fugit- 15: Nice idea especially with the piano backdrop - it is a musical metronome after all. The movement is good though a little more movement would have been even better.

5) Witching Hour - 14: This image has real potential that could have been explored a lot further. I guess nobody wanted to go into the churchyard at night and so shot over the gate. I like the lighting in the sky and the warm lighting from a street lamp or other similar source on the right. The strong flash exposure on the foreground is distracting and the flash should have been turned off. Could we have shown an illuminated church clocktower showing any time past midnight? Could we have got a figure in a hoodie in the shadows of the church or wandering through the graveyard. It's a tough challenge to organise all this in 48 hours, I know.

I came 6th out 12 that entered many people didn't enter because the subjects.

Here are my pictures in the wrong order:

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