Liverpool Oratorio St Giles Church and Saffron Hall

It has been a busy last few days. I had 2 concerts with orchestra and choir it has been an interesting experience. I had 3 guess staying with me from the french choir. On thursday night the French came and we had a rehearsal at St Giles in the evening and on Friday there was a tour of Cambridge for the choir which I went on for a little bit before I had to move my car. There was a rehearsal at 2pm at St Giles followed by the concert at 730pm it was good. Between the rehearsal and concert we were allowed to use Trinity college to chill out. There was a piano so played and impressed the choir and some musicians like me who didn't go back home.

On Saturday there was a concert at Saffron Hall some of my friends came from SW camera club and my sister came with my nephew I was really happy to have some familiar faces in the crowd. It was my first concert in a proper concert hall.

When I was in Cambridge Friday morning I managed to take some pictures of trinity college.

As normal photos are in the wrong order

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