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Thinking of Titles for your Pictures

I am always find it hard to work out what to call my pictures like finding it hard to write my blogs. I'm going to enter the sunset picture in the next print competition. I was inspired by something that my Dad said saying musicians like pictures of Aldeburgh. So then I thought there must be a title by Benjamin Britten that will fit the bill. I had a look online for something and it came up with 'Words for Winter' a selection of poems by Thomas Hardy which Benjamin Britten wrote some music for them. One of them was entitled 'At Day-Close in November' I wanted to share the poem because it a good poem:

At Day-Close in November The ten hours' light is abating, And a late bird flies across, Where the pines, like waltzers waiting, Give their black heads a toss. Beech leaves, that yellow the noon-time, Float past like specks in the eye; I set every tree in my June time, And now they obscure the sky. And the children who ramble through here Conceive that there never has been A time when no tall trees grew here, A time when none will be seen.

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