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Saffron Walden Camera Club outing London

I went to London on Sunday with the gang in the rain. The first time the train hadn't gone wrong for a long time. We set of driving to Royston to catch the Kings Cross train. We walked down to the Canal in the pouring rain to Camden market its a nice walk. Then we decided to go to Soho for to see some of the Chinese new year celebrations. Then the rain cleared up and we decided to go to Piccadilly and back home. Whilst I was in Soho I had a guided tour by one of my friends it was very interesting. I was annoyed with myself that I didn't bring my Oyster card because it was lost but it was found in a very safe place. And I forgot my gloves as well my hands were freezing. Just a few pictures for the blog. I managed to get a picture of Kings Cross roof it's an interesting piece of architecture. Then caught the train home.

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