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Cambridge Camera Club Summer 48 Competition

Summer 48 Camera Club Competition.

I quite like working on pictures for a project and the Camera Club has a few opportunities in the year to do this. Every Summer for the last few years Chris has set a Summer 48 Competition. The idea is that you will be given a list of 5 topics on the Friday Evening and you have to take, process and enter the competition by Sunday night (midnight). This is the sort of 'pressure' a sports photographer or news photographer has to face on a regular basis. The topics for this year where :-

  1. Full of Colour

  2. Abstract

  3. Looking up

  4. Past its best

  5. Hot or Cold

I only had Saturday free that weekend so I had less time. I was please I came joint 7th. I got an 8 for the river alde and a 7 for the boat mask out of 10
Here are my photos:

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