Cambridge Camera Club Points Of View Competition 2019

Saturday 21st September saw Cambridge Camera Club's annual Points of View competition, where everyone taking part needs to take five "set subject" images within a constrained area and with identical conditions. It's a fun event. There were 25 competitors!!

The five set subject catories were:

  • The River Ouse

  • Three

  • Ely Folk

  • Cathedral Curves

  • Double Take

Here are some of the pictures which didn't quite make the grade. Inevitably there is tendency towards "subject ambiguity" (i.e. hedging one's bets!), although I hope that most will be reasonably obvious. And not a complete set I wasn't brave enough to ask 2 people in ely for their photograph to be taken!!

Here was my final set which got me 6th place. In this competition you don't want to win it because you have to organise it and judge it the following year.....

  • The River Ouse - 15

  • Three - 15

  • Ely Folk -18

  • Cathedral Curves - 18

  • Double Take - 16

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