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CCC Xmas Quiz 2020

Last night on Zoom it was Cambridge Camera Club quiz which I really enjoyed. It was very Educational too. The next president did abit on the guess the mystery photography I saw some stunning and creepy scene.

The first round was multiple choice there was a mix of questions like:

What is the name of a male turkey? Tom

The educational question were tougher

Who paint The Adoration of the magi which is in King's College Chapel, Cambridge? Rubens

On Christmas Day 1950s what was stolen from Westminster Abbey by Scots Nationalist? The Stone of Scone

The picture round kept on popping up I thought these 2 were good...

A tool used to destroy forest...

Answer: Amazon Fire stick

Jagger Stirs it up....

Answer: Brown Sugar.

Then it was the educational bit I saw pictures by some really well known photographers. Like Ansel Adams, Lee Miller, Steve Mccurry, Richard Avedon and Shirley Baker and others....

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