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Saffron Walden Camera Club - Fete De La Musique

The Fête de la musique, also known in English as Music Day,[1]Make Music Day[2][3] or World Music Day,[4] is an annual music celebration that takes place on 21 June. On Music Day the citizens of a city or country are allowed and urged to play music outside in their neighbourhoods or in public spaces and parks. Free concerts are also organised, where musicians play for fun and not for payment. Normally I play with my wind-band but this year for obvious reasons we couldn't perform so I decided to take photos of the event with camera club. I had 2 venues Almshouses and the Cross Keys. I got the Cross Keys because some of my friends were performing there, they did brilliantly too. The weather was dull I trouble setting up my camera settings. Here are some of my pictures below in a random order.

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