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Staycation - Aldeburgh

It was half term so a good option to go to Aldeburgh for the week. I went to Horsey on the Monday you have seen my picture from there all ready. Wednesday morning i wanted to do something local to Aldeburgh because the weather was abit iffy. So I went to Leiston abbey and Sizewell. In the afternoon Saffron had a dog walk with her sister River. And on Friday i went for a walk around the golf course then towards Aldringham and the back to the Asparagus farm the one where the queen mother use to get hers from. And then a drink at the golf club with a friend. Saffron was completely tired the following day she had a good run with the ball. And on the Saturday I wanted capture the full blue moon. But failed to see it Blue it was hiding behind a cloud so I couldn't see the blue part it happens while its rising. And another bash at editing happisburgh lighthouse...

Here are my photos:

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